Introduction to Libre Knife Fighting

A lethal, no-nonsense, urban knife combat system

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About Us

The world of Martial Arts has evolved and changed with the passage of time. Countless techniques and forms have been introduced along with various weapons that fit into the right hands. The concept of weaponry, especially applies to this variety of martial arts, known by many as none other than 'Libre Fighting', which makes use of knife fighting for quick and lethal attacks.

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What Makes Libre Different

Libre and Its Origin

Libre is a study of human mortality, as per Scott Babb in an article written by Tom Usher at Vice. He stated that if you are knowledgeable on how to attack the human body, you would realize how fragile it is. With that being said, he then concludes that Libre isn't something that you do to kill people - rather, it is something you need to learn so as to appreciate the value of human life.

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How Libre Works

Libre is an edged-weapon methodology and it focuses on using blade from particular angles to confront multiple opponents in confined spaces, which leads specialists of this art to what they call 'the blender'.

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The Libre Practitioner

Libre, would not be Libre if not for Scott Babb. But what made Libre "Libre"? With all the above stated, you may have wondered what made Libre go this far globally. The thing is, Scott Babb did train himself and Libre practitioners tremendously, with a word that meant everything to them - sacrifice.

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